ABA based Therapy In Sydney

Mosaic Early Intervention provides Early Intensive Behavioural intervention, based on the principles of ABA in Sydney.

ABA or Applied Behaviour Analysis is the application of the science of learning, with the aim to increase socially significant and age-appropriate behaviours and decrease behaviours of concern.

Children who receive a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or another developmental delay, may benefit greatly when receiving access to a tailored, comprehensive EIBI program, based on the principles of ABA, which aims to improve children’s learning to learn skills and bridge the gap between them and their peers.

Mosaic Early Intervention is proud to be at the forefront of the best practice delivery of ABA based programs, with an emphasis on compassionate care. We believe that learning should always begin with joy. Listening to and empowering our learners is a priority.  Therapy sessions at Mosaic Early Intervention have a fundamental goal to ensure the children they are working with are safe, happy, relaxed and engaged, building a relationship based on trust and respect. Our programs are neurodiversity-affirming and tailored to suit each individual and their families values.

ABA In Sydney

How Can ABA Help My Child?

​​From functional communication and language use to personal independence and play, ABA based intervention can be used to improve a range of skills.

Your child may show less frustration and challenging behaviour as they are more empowered to communicate and interact with others effectively and have their needs understood as a result of learning new functional skills.

When children are guided through their program, their challenges associated with their diagnoses can be reduced.

Our EIBI programs will prepare children for school by providing them with the skills they need to learn from others and their environment.

​This includes how to interact with their friends at school, asking for help and learning skills so they can be more independent and do well in the classroom.

What Can I Expect From Mosaic Early Intervention?

​When we first meet with you and your child, we will discuss your child’s needs, history and any concerns you have, then explain how our programs work.

You’ll be introduced to your dedicated Behavioural Consultant who will work with you to plan a weekly schedule that suits your child and family.

Most of our programs require up to 20 hours or more per week. Although this may seem like a lot, this is based on best practice recommendations for children with ASD, GDD or other developmental delays and provides the intensity needed to ensure the successful adoption of learning and skills. As the gap between your child and their same aged peers reduces, a plan to systematically fade the intensity of their EIBI program will be formulated with you and your child’s team.

Depending on your child’s needs, we may be working with you from home, at daycare or at school. It’s important for your child to learn skills and practice in various settings as well as experience working with different therapists. In life, we can’t always guarantee we will be at school with the same people or working with the same people, so experiencing a variety of therapists is beneficial and ensures the generalisation of skills is achieved.

As our therapy sessions are conducted in the child’s natural environment and targeting a wide range of skills, therapy sessions go for 2 hours in duration. The duration of enrolment in our program again will depend on your child’s needs, some children require support through an ABA based program for a limited time to quickly catch them up and get them up to speed with their peers, and others may require longer term ongoing suport. No matter your child’s needs, we are here to support them and you through the journey.

Mosaic Early Intervention prioritises the individual needs of each child and ensuring that they are Happy, Relaxed and Engaged throughout therapy sessions is key. Safety is at the forefront of the delivery of our programs. We ensure children enjoy the learning process, show a willingness to participate in each and every session and build a positive and wholesome relationship with the therapists working with them.

Why Mosaic Early Intervention?

We offer quality ABA based programs for families in the Sydney area with a team of highly qualified Behaviour Consultants, a Psychologist, Senior Behaviour Technicians and Behaviour Technicians; our supportive team are here to help. All Behaviour Consultants at Mosaic Early Intervention are Certified Behaviour Analysts through ABA Australia. We prioritise ongoing education and professional development, to ensure your children are always accessing best practice, evidence based programs.

When you work with our team, we will provide you with advice and guidance so that you feel confident and supported when implementing strategies at home. Our intensive weekly program delivers excellent outcomes for children with ASD and other developmental delays, our families are always delighted with the results.

Measuring the effectiveness of our therapy and children’s development is at the core of what we do. Our goal is to help your child thrive, to ensure your child is always learning and is successful, we record data on all goals, analyse this data regularly and if your child’s progress slows down or stops, we will make changes to get them back on track.

​There is no skill that a child cannot learn and master, it is how we teach that is so important. We will use a number of different teaching strategies to keep your child successful.

​Our team receives weekly training and on-going professional development including attending courses and conferences. This keeps our knowledge up to date with the latest research and findings so that we can deliver the best clinical care.

To ensure your child gets the most from the early intervention, we tailor our programs to the individual needs of your child. Working with our kids and seeing their accomplishments is an absolute joy!

Mosaic Early Intervention programs are neurodiversity-affirming and prioritise the individual needs of each child. We ensure children are Happy, Relaxed and Engaged throughout therapy sessions. Safety is at the forefront of the delivery of our programs. We ensure children enjoy the learning process, show a willingness to participate in each and every session and build a positive and wholesome relationship with the therapists working with them based on trust.

Do You Work With Sydney Health Providers?

Yes, we work with other health providers, such as speech pathologists, pediatricians, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, feeding specialists and psychologists. Sometimes a child must see several health providers to support their needs, and we work well alongside these different specialists to complement their services and to ensure a collaborative approach is taken.

Many of our families are referred to us by other health providers in Sydney, and we are happy to refer families to different support services should they be required.

How Can I Learn More About ABA?

We have a blog post dedicated to ABA and common questions that get asked.
Please take a look at it here:

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ABA In Sydney Behaviour Consultants

How do I book an Initial Consultation

​If you are keen to find out more about our ABA based services for families in Sydney, please send us a message via our contact form with your contact details or call 02 9523 0433.

Please note that if you require and do not yet have NDIS funding, our psychologist can conduct a comprehensive diagnostic assessment or our Behaviour Consultant can conduct a skills based, behavioural assessment and provide you with a report to assist with accessing NDIS funding.

​A diagnosis is not required for enrolment. Mosaic Early Intervention only accepts NDIS funding that is self or plan managed.